Know What Your 10 digit PAN number is, There Are Many Information Related to You

You must have seen a 10 digit code on your PAN card, which is called a pen number. This is not a simple number, but rather a code containing some information about the pen card holder. The Income Tax Department issuing pen cards through UTI and NSDL uses a special procedure for pen cards. Each pen card with ten digits has a mixture of numbers and letters. In this, the first five characters are always letters, then the next 4 characters are numbers and then finally a letter comes back.

This information is also important for you, because if your pen card has both 'O' and 'Zero', then you will be confused by identifying them, but if you know the pattern of numbers and letters, then you can separate them- You will get a different identity.

Of the first five characters on your pen card, the first three characters represent the alphabetic series. The fourth character of the pen number tells what you are in the eyes of the Income Tax Department. For example, if you are individual, then the fourth character of your pen card will be P. Let us know what the rest of the letters mean-



H-Hindu undivided family

A-Person Association (AOP)

B-Body of Individuals (BOI)

G-government agency

J-Artificial Judicial Person

L-Local Authority

F-Firm / Limited Liability Partnership


After this, the fifth character of your pen number shows the first letter of your surname. That is, if your surname is Gupta, then the fifth character of your pen number will be G. At the same time, for non-individual pen card holders, the fifth character shows the first letter of their name.

The next four are character numbers, which can be between 0001 to 9990. After this, the last character of your pen number is always a letter.
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