Microsoft's First Foldable Smartphone Surface Duo Launched, may Challenge Galaxy Fold

Microsoft launched its two-screen phone at its surface event and told the world that it is still involved in the smartphone race. At the Microsoft Surface event in California on Wednesday, the company launched its latest dual-screen phone Surface Duo with a new Surface laptop. This foldable smartphone from Mycosoft will challenge the recently launched Samsung Galaxy fold. It works on Google Android OS. Its sales will start from next year. The company says that this is the first surface device that can be pocketed.

Image Credit: The Verge

It has two 5.6-inch screens, which are extremely thin. After unfolding the phone, it will get an 8.3-inch display size. It can be used in many ways. The design of the device resembles Microsoft’s just-announced dual-screen Surface Neo laptop. Earlier too, Microsoft tried to make a window based smartphone but it could not compete with Android and Apple iOS.

This new device of Microsoft will be able to download and run apps from the Google Play Store in Surface Duo.Despite having a foldable screen, it is quite different from the trending foldable phone. In this, two different screens are connected with the help of hinges. Therefore, a gap appears in the middle of the screen. It would be a little strange to see an app or photo on both screens simultaneously.

Each display can also run two different apps at the same time, or the Duo can be turned into landscape mode, allowing the second display to be used as a keyboard or game controller. This concept has already been seen in LG dual screen and gaming phone Asus Rog.

According to Wired, the Surface Duo is powered by a Snapdragon 855 processor, but elements of the design haven’t been finalized yet as the company did not release the specifications of the phone but said so much that it is connected to the 360 degree folding hinge. That is, you can use it in many ways by folding the screen.
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