80% drop in WhatsApp Downloads After Espionage Revelations

After WhatsApp revealed the spying, its downloads are declining. Mobile data analytics and intelligence firm Sensor Tower has released a report. This report said that WhatsApp downloads dropped by 80% within 9 days. A few days ago information about the Pegasus spyware attack was revealed. In view of such news, questions about security of WhatsApp are bound to arise. In such a situation, users are now finding options for WhatsApp. On October 23, WhatsApp said that the Israeli firm had spied data of 1400 users worldwide through Pigasus spyware. These included politicians, officials and journalists. After this, between October 26 and November 9, WhatsApp downloads registered a decrease of 71 lakh.

According to a report by mobile data analytics and intelligence firm Sensor Tower, WhatsApp downloads had a figure of 89 lakhs before spying was revealed. After the revelations, from 26 October to 3 November i.e. 7 days, the number of downloads reached 18 lakhs. 

Within these 7 days, users are moving towards end-to-end encrypted apps like Signal and Telegram. Signal app downloads increased by 63% and Telegram Messenger downloads by 10%. The telegram app has now crossed 9.20 lakh downloads. Speaking of the present time, the monthly users of WhatsApp are now 40 crores. This number is seen as a challenge to the Telegram. Talking about the last 9 months, its active users have increased by 60 percent. In June 2017, Telegram had 2 per cent of global users. This number increased to 12 percent in September 2019. The number of Telegram installs has tripled this year.

On October 29, WhatsApp reported that it had filed a case against the Israeli company NSO Group. WhatsApp alleged that the spyware Pegasus created by the group was used to gather personal information of more than 1400 WhatsApp users around the world, including India. The investigation that followed the revelation of WhatsApp revealed that there are many services in WhatsApp that help spread Pegasus. WhatsApp also said that the company had already informed India about the hacking in May 2019. However, India's IT ministry had said that this information was unclear.

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