Dead Body Found on Mars, Scientists Claims - Evidence of Life Found

American scientists have found a dead body on Mars. It has its head, body, legs. Scientists from all over the world, including the US space agency NASA, are studying photographs of this dead body. So that it can be known that is there really evidence of life on Mars?

Image Credit: Dr. William Romoser
This study has been done by US William University entomologist and Dr. William Romoser, associated with the US space agency NASA. He has also claimed that evidence of life on Mars has been found. He told about this study at the International Entomology Conference.

Dr. Romosar has been studying online pictures of Mars for many years. During this time, he has found many examples of insect-like shapes. They got these photos from Mars Rover.

Image Credit: Dr. William Romoser
According to Dr. William Romoser, photographs from Mars show that there have been many such figures which are similar to the shapes of snakes like flies and creepers.

 Dr. William Romoser claims that evidence of life on Mars exists in the form of fossils. And there can also be live moths. Some of them had wings. They also flap wings. Evidence of gliding and flying ability has been found in some of the structures.

Dr. Romoser said that many footed figures have also been found on Mars. When the Mars sent rovers, and especially the Qurosity, began searching for signs of biological activity, many of the pictures sent to them also contained forms of reptile species.

In some pictures taken from Curiosity Rover, there are also signs of many arthropod organisms like spider, cockroach. Dr. William Romoser said that the shape of these figures can also change depending on the depth of information available in future.
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