Now Users Can Also Touch Each Other During the Video Call

In this era of technology and artificial intelligence, now it will also be possible, about which we can only imagine. If you are told that you will also be able to touch the front user during a video call, then it will be an surprise in itself. Now this can also be possible. Actually, researchers at Northwestern University in America have developed this technique. American researchers have designed this virtual reality-equipped device. Through this device, a person sitting far away can also be felt to touch.
Image Credit:Google Duo
Researchers have created a wireless device that will make the front feel like touching each other. This wireless device is thin in view which is equipped with virtual reality and gives a feeling of touching each other. With the help of this device, people can also feel touching each other during the video call. At the same time, while playing a movie, things running on the screen can also be felt.

Researchers at Northwestern University in the US have named this device as 'epidermal VR'. It has actuators inside a thin flexible layer of silicon that vibrates and rotates. These actuators make you feel tactile. The study published in the journal 'Nature' talks about this VR system. The device is a flexible layer of 15cm wide and 15cm long. It has a wireless power circuit. John A. Rojers of Northwestern University said that this device does not become a burden on the user.

Researchers said that this device is extremely light to use. It is completely wireless. There is also no need to install a battery from outside. For this reason, it is also very easy to use.

Researchers also said that this device is a flexible layer in a way. Whose connection is to a particular software of the computer. When a person sitting away touches the computer through the same software, the person sitting far away can feel this touch through this device. Actuators present in this device (special type of round rings) vibrate or move and make them feel tactile. The device is equipped with 32 millimeter sized actuators. Researchers reported that actuators rotate 200 times at a time. This device can also be connected to smartphones and tablets.

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