Smartphone Hackers are Using NFC Feature to Hack Users Details

There is always a danger of hackers on smartphone users. There are various ways that hackers can hack personal information of smartphone users. The biggest concern in this is that hackers are succeeding in them too. There have been reports of users' personal information being hacked for quite some time. Now according to a new news, the NFC feature of the phone is helping hackers hack the phone. If seen, this feature is not used much by people, but it does not mean that users cannot be saved from malware attacks.

Through NFC, users can share files, videos, photos and apps between two devices. This is what hackers have made their new weapon. Under this feature, hackers can install malware in your phone within minutes. Let us tell you that this feature is used more as a contact less payment service.

Whenever you send an app through NFC to another phone, another source app asks for permission before installing the app. Earlier this year, some researchers discovered a bug in Android 8.0. In this, the app sent by NFC was being installed in the device without notification or warning. This always threatens that the malware gets installed in the user's phone. However, this bug has been fixed.

Google has also fixed this bug. Also, whitelist apps have also been excluded from the list. In such a situation, if you want to avoid this, do not use the NFC feature in Android phones. Also keep your Android phone updated.
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