Video Call Will Come, and Your WhatsApp Account will be Hacked

More than 1,400 accounts of Facebook-owned company WhatsApp have been hacked within two weeks. Facebook has announced to sue the Israeli company NSO Group over WhatsApp. According to Facebook, the NSO Group is working on such technology that is making hackers and Israeli government officials make available private things done on people's WhatsApp. According to Facebook, over 1,400 users have been targeted by hackers in two weeks.

The Israeli company started targeting users from the beginning of this year. In view of this, WhatsApp has warned people not to pick up any unknown video calls, otherwise your account could be hacked. Hackers can target users through video calls and affect their smartphones. WhatsApp has also released security updates to protect users from similar possible attacks. If you also want your account to be safe, then you can install the latest version of your app through Google Play Store or App Store or keep updating your app.

Facebook reported that in May 2019, its engineers noticed a high-capacity cyber attack. This cyber attack was done through WhatsApp video calling. The company has given this information on its official website. At present, there are more than 40 crore WhatsApp users in the country, in such a situation there may be a risk of those users getting their accounts hacked and data leaked. According to Facebook, of the 1,400 people spied by the Israeli company, most are high-profile people or journalists.

WhatsApp Citizen Lab is calling these 1,400 users and giving information about their account being hacked. WhatsApp Citizen Lab said that more than 100 civil society people have been targeted in India. Citizen Lab is advising users to reset their account or change the smartphone. If you too have received these kind of unknown video calls, then update your WhatsApp with the latest version.
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