Mysterious Man-made Cave Exposed in the Antarctica Ocean

Days after 12 years, a huge secret entrance, which appears in the map of Antarctica among scientists, remains the subject of discovery. There are different reactions to this entrance. Viewers say that it can be a hollow earth or military cover. These days a huge mysterious hole has been spotted again on Google Maps on a remote island in Antarctica, a huge online debate has started.

A video has also been posted on YouTube these days. The video has been created by the authors of the YouTube channel ThirdPhaseFromTheMoon, the video was posted on 14 December by the group. In which it was shown that it resembles a huge cave. In this video, this entrance has been shown from several angles at this place, along with this there is a debate about its origin. There are many things going on about its size too.

Using Google Maps, Blake and Brett Cousins ​​showed that this caveman door (cryptic hole) in the Antarctica Ocean was first seen in 2007, a few months after it disappeared. The hosts are also surprised about its size. This huge structure is 83 meters high and 75 meters wide. One thing is that till 2006, it was not in existence. Suddenly, such a big form is visible now. This news has also been carried on a news website called Sputnik.

According to the hosts, if not thousands of people can be fit together in this cave but hundreds can be fit. When asked about this by Brett Cousins, who discovered it from Google Maps, it was also said on his behalf that it could also be the result of a natural phenomenon. His co-host pointed to an unusual structure, stating that it led to the entrance, it looked like a stairway. It is so large that a flying saucer and a large spacecraft can pass through it. What does Brett Cousins ​​say about this as a basis? There is no indication it is a sinkhole.

Now social media users have added some more things to it. It is being said that this huge structure can also be a gateway for a submarine or a government project. It has been kept hidden from common people. On the other hand, some users say that it can be only a molten hole between the ice. But complete information should be made about it, only then will more information be available about it.
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