New Study Revealed: Homo erectus was Last Found in the Island of Java

Homo erectus, one of the ancestors of modern humans, was last found in Nagandong, the Indonesian island of Java. A recent study says that this species of humans went extinct about four million years ago. According to researchers at the University of Ivoia, USA, this species of ancestors of modern humans lived on the Indonesian island between one lakh eight thousand and one lakh 17 thousand years ago.

According to the study published in the journal Nature, it was discovered by studying fossils of bones found in this area. In this area 12 fossils of Homo erectus and two bones of Pindalis were found along with animal fossils.

Archaeologists studied the areas around Ngandong to find out the possible last presence of this species on Earth. "The region is the last known place of Homo erectus found anywhere in the world," said Russ Siocon, professor and co-author of the study at the Department of Anthropology at the University of Iwoa, adding that we cannot say we have The date of extinction has been determined, but we have ascertained his last presence. We have no evidence that Homo erectus lived anywhere else.

New estimates were made after assessing specimens such as fragments of animal fossils and rediscovered fossils. This showed that these were the places where Holland surveyors found the remains of the original Homo erectus in 1930. Apart from this, the researchers also estimated that the southern mountains of Ngandong rose upward for the first time by determining the date of the minerals in the southern mountain caves. Using this information, he decided that when the Solo River began to flow through the Ngandong area, the foothills of the river were built there.

According to the researchers, Homo erectus made its way into the Indonesian Islands and arrived on the island of Java about 16 million years ago. He says that there was grass in the areas around Ngandong at that time and the number of trees, plants and animals was also high. However, about one hundred and thirty thousand years ago the environment of Ngandong changed, causing troubles for Homo erectus as well and gradually became extinct.
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