Now fracture will be repaired instantly, scientists made a special bandage

Researchers have developed a bandage that collects self-healing molecules from the body at the site of the fracture. This discovery may give rise to new ways of accelerating the natural healing process. The study, published in the journal Advance Materials, states that new bandages have also been observed using mice. It found that it helped in the formation of new blood vessels in mice in only three weeks and also improved bone repair.

Teams of researchers, including Duke University in the US, reported that this method works faster and better than all other treatment methods available so far. The finding is based on an earlier finding that biomaterials made from the chemical calcium phosphate promote bone repair and remodeling. Duke University's study co-author Shyeni Varghese found that the biological molecule 'adenosine' plays a particularly big role in boosting bone growth.
Varghese and his team found that adenosine molecules naturally flooded the site of injury to the body, but this action did not last long. Varghese stated that adenosine performs many important functions in the body, but its main function is not to repair bone. So it was a big task to hold adenosine in the place of injury without any side effects.

This is why the researchers created a bandage that could be replaced by a fracture. Boronat molecules have been used to hold adenosine molecules in this bandage. The bonds between molecules do not last forever, so this bandage does not fully capture adenosine. As a result, adenosine molecules are slowly released.

The researchers also tested the new bandage developed on mice. Researchers gave different treatment to the bones of two mice when they were broken. One rat was treated with the old method and the other with newly developed bandages. It was found that the mice in which the new bandages were bound were healing faster and better. After three weeks, the blood vessels formed in such mice were better than others.
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