'Titan' will help to understand the impact of climate change on Earth

Several types of things have been said about climate change from time to time. Now a recent study has said that Saturn's largest moon Titan can prove to be very useful in terms of climate change on Earth. Indeed, researchers have discovered that Saturn's moon undergoes a significant seasonal shift while absorbing and emitting Titan energy.

Through this process, new information can be found about the climatic activities on Earth. The study, published in the Journal of Geophysical Research Letters, states that there is only Titan in the solar system apart from Earth, which has a special atmosphere as well as a surface with fluids.

Other researchers involved in research, including the University of Houston, USA, say that Titan's energy source has a significant impact on its weather and climate system. To find this out, scientists used the data collected between 2004 and 2017 of the Cassini mission in their study. He says the figure is equivalent to half an Earth year or three seasons for Saturn and Titan. According to the researchers, these data have helped to systematically detect the weather diversity of Titan for the first time.

The study noted that the Moon's emitted thermal energy and absorbed solar energy have both declined over the past 14 years. Thermal emissions declined by 6.8 percent compared to 18.6 percent solar energy absorbed by Titan. The study says that Titan's northern and southern environment has seen changes due to this. However, there are also some similarities between Earth and Titan's environments, which can be used to study similar effects on Earth. Researchers also said that our planet and Titan are completely different in many respects. For example, the liquid on Titan is methane rather than water. He told that Saturn and its moon also take relatively longer to complete their orbit around the Sun.

University of Houston physics professor and study co-author Liming Lee says that Saturn takes 29 Earth years to complete the Sun's orbit. Despite this, researchers say that understanding of climate change on Earth can be further developed by gaining more information about Titan's energy process. "Even a small part of the Earth's energy imbalance has a major impact on global warming and climate change," Liming said.
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