WhatsApp new Features Update: Dark Mode, Battery-Saving Option, Multi Device Support, Netflix Streaming

Instant messaging app WhatsApp is adding new features to the app to facilitate its users. The company has introduced many features for users this year, including many features like user privacy, group admin control. Apart from this, there are many more features that have been spotted in the beta version of both Android and iOS platforms, soon these features can be rolled out for all users. Today we are going to tell you about the same features which every users will be able to access soon.

Dark Mode

The Dark Mode feature can be seen in many apps, including popular apps such as Twitter and Messenger. Now soon, users will also be able to access this feature in WhatsApp. This feature has been rolled out for beta users a few months back. This feature is being tested for Android as well as iOS devices. Multi themes can also be supported with WhatsApp Dark Mode feature. Users will be able to set many themes of Dark Mode according to their own. Dark mode demand users have been doing for a long time. The dark mode will not affect the eyes while using the app at night.

WhatsApp is working on three options of dark mode:
  1. Light Theme
  2. Dark Theme
  3. Set By Battery saver
All these options are still under development and are being tested on Android Beta before the release of a stable version.

Multi device support

Multi-device support is a feature that WhatsApp users have been demanding for a long time. The advantage of this feature will be that you will be able to access the same WhatsApp number on two or more devices. Generally, it will benefit users who want to use their WhatsApp in mobile as well as devices like their tabs or iPads. The company will present its feature in the name of registration notifications. In this, the users will get the notification in the primary device as soon as the account is logged into the secondary device. Until the secondary device's login to the primary device is not allowed, users will not be able to use the app in the secondary device. However, testing is currently underway for this feature.

Battery-saving option

Using this feature the whatsapp application can itself  enable or disable the dark theme based on the battery saver settings of your mobile phone.The app would automatically sense the phones battery saving settings and turn the app darker when your phones battery drops down to certain range of percentage.

Netflix Streaming

Like Youtube, users will now be able to access Netflix videos with the app itself. According to reports recently, Netflix streaming support can be provided within the app itself soon. As soon as users get a link to a Netflix video, users will be shown the play button, which will be able to open Netflix inside the app by pressing it.

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