CES 2020: Google Assistant will be made More Smart With New Features

At the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2020, Google showcased its new products and services. In this event, Google has also taken a booth in which it is showcasing its products and services. The company wants to give its users a better experience related to Google Home and Google Assistant. For this, the company has added some new tools in Google Assistant.

Google Assistant's new tools: With the help of these tools, the company has worked hard to make the lives of users easier. Also, these tools are also very smart.

Read Longer Article Aloud: The company has added this feature to Google Assistant. Under this, you have to give the command to Hey Google read this page to Google Assistant. After this, Google will read this page and tell you. The most important thing is that Google will also scroll the page automatically. Here the user will also get information about which paragraph or on which line. They can also be translated into 42 languages. This feature will be made available in Android devices under the name of Read It.

Google device will be linked to assistant app: Users will be given the facility to link to their Google device assistant. These devices can also be those which Google has not made. Through this, users will be able to operate non-Google smart products in their home from Google Assistant. On connecting the device, you will also get a notification that you can automatically add the device to Google Assistant.

Schedule Actions: Through this feature, you will be able to schedule time to switch on/off smart devices like Microwave, Smart TV, Robot Vacuum Cleaner in your home. For this, you have to give the command Hey Google turn off the tv at 9 pm.

There will be two options for privacy control: First, if you have turned on Google Assistant by mistake, then you can say hey google that was for you. This will stop it. Secondly, you can ask Google that Hey Google are you saving my audio data. After this, you will give information about Google privacy control.

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