CES 2020 LIVE / Second day of biggest electronic show: special air purifier mask will save from pollution & Many More

Today is the second day of CES 2020, the world's largest electronics show running in Las Vegas. More than 4500 companies of the show have brought their amazing and innovative products. Decorative items of the house have also been hitech by the companies.

Lenvo Smart Frame: The starting price of this intelligent frame is Rs. 2.85 lakhs

Lenevo lifted the curtain with his smart frame. It is so sensible that it adjusts its light according to the light of the room and changes the pictures by hand gestures.

Atmos Mask: Air Mask that cleans the air to combat pollution

Keeping in mind the increasing problem of pollution across the world, AO Air Company has come up with a special type of Atmos mask. Its initial price has been kept at US $ 350 (about 25 thousand rupees) and its shipping will start from July

Pizza Making Robot: Will prepare 300 pizzas in one hour

Startup company Picnic introduced Pizza Making Robot at CES. It will prepare 300 12-inch pizzas and 18-inch 180 pizzas in one hour. This will prove useful for hotels and restaurants where there is a shortage of staff. Only one person can run it. The toppings of every pizza can be customized with the help of the app. Soon it will also be used for making sandwiches and salads.

Royle Mirage Speaker: Smart Speaker Wrapped With Touchscreen

Last year, the company surprised everyone by presenting the world's first commercial foldable phone at CES. This year the company has brought its smart speaker. This is quite different from the common speaker. It has a large flexible screen wrapped with speakers. Photos and videos will be seen in it. The Alexa-based smart speaker has a 5 megapixel camera and is equipped with 48 mm full Rand drivers. At present, the company has not given much information about it, but it is expected that its price can be around 70 thousand.

Touchscreen Microwave

GE Appliance, an American company that produces kitchen products, has launched microwaves at the Consumer Electronics Show. This microwave has a 27-inch smart touchscreen. The company has named it the Kitchen Hub. It comes with Artificial Antelgase (AI) powered computer vision technology. With its help, you can plan miles. In addition, it also provides tips to prevent food from being wasted. Not only this, there is also the facility of watching Netflix on a 27-inch screen. There are cameras inside this microwave, which shows the cooking of food.
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