First clear picture of the Sun: Surface is granular

Scientists have succeeded in taking the clearest pictures of the sun for the first time. They are derived from Daniel's Inoye Telescope (DKIST) of the National Science Foundation (NSF) of Hawaii. In this, the surface of the sun looks like a granular structure. Scientists say that every grain is larger than France in size. The telescope covered an area of ​​30 kilometers of the Sun. The telescope is installed on the summit of a mountain in Hawaii.

The distance of Sun from Earth is about 150 million km. In the photos, the cell-like structure of the surface of the Sun is visible. There is a distance of hundreds of kilometers between each cell. "This photo shows the structures on the surface of the Sun," DKIST director Thomas Rimmele said. A video of this has also been released, showing the explosion in the sun for 14 seconds.

The telescope will work with NASA's Parker Solar Probe, which is orbiting the Sun. The Solar Space Orbiter of the European Space Agency or NASA helps us learn more about the sun — such as how cosmic rays affect the Earth. The corona (center) of the sun is much warmer than the surface. The temperature of the corona is 10 million degrees Kelvin, while the surface temperature is about 6000 degrees Kelvin.
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