From Now Passport Booklet will be Protected with High Security Tag

If you are going to get a new passport, then you will get a booklet with high security tag. This will not cause tampering. Along with this, the old booklet will also be valid. If you have to get a new passport booklet, then you have to go to the website and apply.

The Ministry of External Affairs has been making changes in passport booklets from time to time. This time a high security tag has been printed on every page of the passport booklet on the lines of foreign countries. If the color of the pages has changed, then its size has also decreased. The passport number is printed differently. From this month, applicants have started getting new booklets. In this, if someone tried tempering, Immigration Authority employees would be able to investigate it immediately.

People who have passports do not need to get a new booklet with a high security tag. If someone wants to change the old passport booklet, he can log in to the department's website and take an appointment. To change the booklet at the Passport Seva Kendra, you have to pay the full fee along with the submission of the form. For a 36-page booklet, a police clearance certificate of 1500 and 500 rupees will have to be paid.

Now the applicants will be allowed to enter the Kanpur Passport Center in batches of 30-30 only. All papers will be verified in half an hour. If there is any shortfall in the documents, they can hold their application and take the next appointment. Their fees will be valid for one year.

Mukesh Verma, APO, Kanpur Passport Center informed that no applicant will have to wait at the center. The verification target has been set in half an hour as soon as the time token is received. The crowd will not have to come to the center together.
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