Meet Vyommitra, the Robot ISRO is Sending to Space

The Indian Space Research Center (ISRO) on Wednesday released a video of the humanoid Vyomitra being sent to the unmanned space mission Gaganyaan. ISRO scientist Sam Dayal said that this humanoid would try to behave like a human and report back to us. We are doing this as an experiment. In 1984, Rakesh Sharma went to space in a Russian spacecraft. This time Indian astronauts will go into space by sitting in India's spacecraft.

ISRO Chief Sivan said - Human-like robots will be sent into space in December 2020 and July 2021 before the final mission of Gaganyaan. It will be humanoid robot looking like humans. Other countries have sent animals to space before such missions. Humans will perform body temperature and pulsation tests. Sivan said that at the end of January, 4 selected astronauts will be sent to Russia for training for the Gaganyaan mission.

Sivan said that the Gaganyaan mission is not just a mission to send humans into space. This mission will further help us mobilize cooperation at the national and international level. He said, "We know that the goal of all countries is scientific discovery, economic development, education, technological development and inspiring youth. Space travel by an Indian is the best platform for all these inspirations. "

In 2022, ISRO will launch manned mission GAGAN. It will consist of 3 crew members. ISRO is not sending any women in this mission. In such a situation, ISRO has prepared a humanoid with the appearance of a woman, named Vyommitra, for unmanned missions before the human mission. ISRO chairman K Sivan said in the discussion of some news websites - Humanoid is almost fully ready. We want this mission to fulfill its purpose while showing our capabilities. Send on a human mission and bring them back safely.

Humanoid: Humanoid is a kind of robot, which can walk like a human and can also understand human gestures. Humanoid can also answer questions through artificial intelligence programming.

Humanoid has two special parts, which help them to react and move like humans. These are two parts - sensors and actuators.
  1. With the help of sensors, humanoids understand the environment around them. Devices such as cameras, speakers and microphones are controlled by sensors only. Humanoids work with them to see, speak and listen.
  2. The actuator is a special type of motor that helps the humanoid to walk like a human and operate the arms and legs. Humanoids can perform certain types of action with the help of actuators compared to normal robots.
Humanoids were previously used for research only, but they have also been used as a human helper for some time. Sofia, Kodomoroid and Jia-Jia are the most famous humanoids in the world. Interestingly, all three humanoids are made like women.

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