New Technology: Smartphone battery will last 5 days on a single charge

Smartphones are being launched with better features. But its battery problems always remain. Speaking of earlier times, the battery of Nokia phones used to last 3 to 4 days on a single charge. But now it has become the era, because once a day the smartphone has to be charged. At the same time, if the battery backup is less then charging twice becomes a compulsion. However, now and again the trouble of charging the device can be overcome.

Realus, researchers have developed a new technology for this. With the help of this technology, the battery of the smartphone can last up to 5 consecutive days. The same technology can be used for electric cars, after which once charging the car, it can run for 1,000 km. This information has been given by the researchers of Monash University, Australia.

The new battery solution uses a new combination of traditional lithium-ion combination. Let us know that lithium-ion batteries are used to power smartwatches, smartphones and pacemakers. But when researchers have used lithium-sulfur combination instead of lithium-ion, they found shocking results.

Researchers at Monash University in Australia have said that with the help of this new technology, it has been able to be found in high stress level batteries without any performance or capacity drop. Professor Manak Mazumdar, member of the research team, has told that this year the technology will be tried on cars and grids. For this, the research team has been given $ 2.5 million funding from the Government and International Industry Partners in Australia.

Another doctor who is leading the project, Mahdokht Shaibani, has said that the new battery solution can be made available within two to four years. Application has been given for its patent.
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