No keyboard needed for typing, Samsung introduced Selfie Type keyboard

South Korean company Samsung has introduced a special and unique technology at CES 2020. This technique is called Selfie Type. Through this, you will stop using the keyboard or you will forget that. Through this technology, users will be able to eliminate their dependence on the keyboard. Through this technology, any surface will be converted into a keyboard. A video related to this has been released.

Know what is Selfie Type Keyboard: This is an invisible keyboard. For this, the phone's Galaxy Selfie Camera Plus AI is used. It monitors and tracks the movement of the user's hand. This will enable you to use invisible keyboard. Through this, any surface will be converted into a keyboard. For this, the video released by the company explains how this technology works.

This technique will be easy to use. For this, you have to keep the phone in vertical position. After this you will be able to type on any surface. If you are using Galaxy Fold, then you can do typing by keeping the phone in L shape. This keyboard will currently support English language.

A user has written a post about this technology on the Samsung Community Forum. It has been written that the selfie type is a technology that will enlighten the user's fingers using the front camera and AI. After this, any surface on which you have your fingers will be transformed into a keyboard. After this, you will be able to type without physical buttons.
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