Study: AI and machine learning will help curb cyber attacks

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will now be used for cyber war rooms. Recently, the Data Security Council of India (DSCI) and PwC India have given this information in their meeting. These cyber war rooms will be used to curb incidents like phishing and cybercrime in India. In the recently presented study 'Cyber ​​Security India Market: What lies beneath', privacy and data protection have been told. The study also mentions about the global standards for privacy and personal data protection for Indian institutions in 2020.

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If we look at the other aspect of this study, cyber attackers can also initiate attacks by using artificial intelligence and machine learning and execute cybercrime incidents at a record speed. The study also suggests that such cyber threats and attacks can be tracked by using artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. According to the study, organizations have to create a cloud environment to increase cyber security. For which they have to upgrade their infrastructure.

This joint study also said that the organizations are going to invest in cloud-based infrastructure, process and technology this year to meet the cloud-based network and insider challenges. In the coming years, the focus will be on building a Security Operation Center, so that cybercrime and threats can be refined with the help of emerging tools and technology and immediate response to breech plans. According to the study, organizations currently have less direct impact on business due to mobile malware. Organizations will have to use features such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to prevent these threats in the future.
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