Study: Internet addiction is giving loneliness to students, weakening in studies

Nowadays we all know how important education is. Where on one hand technology has helped improve studies. On the other hand, technology also has a big hand in keeping children away from studies. We have not come across this in a study. A study has shown that those who use excessive technology are showing less interest in camouflage. So let's know what is said in the study next.

Researchers at Swansea University in the UK have said during a study that if children use too much technology, then they become less interested in studies. A test has also been done in which it has been found that children also become restless. Along with this, many things have been assessed including the pattern of students' use of digital technology, their anxiety, loneliness.

Under the name General of Computer Assisted Learning, 285 students have done this research. All these students were studying a degree course related to health. Research has found that it becomes very difficult for students who are addicted to internet to study. Not only this, children also become very restless when the exam comes.

Researchers said that about 25 percent of the students stay online 4 hours a day. The rest of the students spend 1 to 3 hours online. On the Internet, 40 percent of the students spend time on the social networking website, while 30 percent of the students go on the Internet to get information. Seeing increasing Internet addiction, students are struggling with the problem of loneliness.
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