Tesla's New Car will Talk to People in the Crowd

Tesla company CEO Elon Musk posted a video of his new car Tesla Model-3 on Twitter. In this, this car is seen talking to the people walking. On crowded roads, this car is seen asking people to leave the road and move them.

In the tweet, Musk said- "Tesla will talk to people soon if you want. This is the truth. This feature will soon be seen in electric cars. ”At the moment it has not been confirmed whether the feature will use artificial intelligence technology or will be based solely on the audio player. It is believed that Tesla car owners who use the ride sharing service on the lines of Uber and Ola can use this feature to attract more customers. This car will be introduced in March.

Tesla, known worldwide for making electric cars, is so confident in the technology of its vehicles that it has described its security system as very strong. Musk has announced that if anyone hacked the AI-enabled Tesla Model-3 system, the company would give it a car worth $ 1 million, ie Rs 7.1 crore and Rs 74 lakh. This car will be introduced in Hackers' competition in March in Venkuvar.

Here hackers will try to hack this car with their technical and information. If a hacker succeeds, he will be given a reward announced by the company. In the same event last year, a group of hackers managed to hack the Tesla Model-S. The winning group then received $ 35,000 and a car. In this event, the security system of the car was hacked by the team of Amata Cama and Richard Zhou.

Tesla says hackers' competition is a kind of test that helps improve the security system. In this event, hackers hacked Tesla Model-S last year through a trick and 'adversal attack' and got into the wrong lane.
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