The circle-screen Circular phone introduced at CES will support dual sim and two headphone jacks

US startup Detour has launched a unique smartphone at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show in Los Vegas. This phone has a round screen. The company has named it Circle Phone. This is also the first phone in which two headphone jacks will be found. It reminds me of the two-way talking device in the upcoming science-fiction movie in 1990. This module is also a smartphone.

This phone is of palm size. At the same time, it also has two SIM card slots. The phone also has a front facing camera for selfie. The company has designed this phone especially for those whose hands are small and want a better grip of the phone in their hands. It looks like a makeup mirror. It can also be carried in paint and shirt pocket.

This phone has an LED touchscreen display, but the company has not seen its size. It supports 4G LTE network. At the same time, Google's Android 9.0 runs on the operating system. There is a camera in the front of the phone, but no details were given about the rear camera. The company has also started its pre-booking. However, the phone will be released next year.The Cyrcle Phone has a front-facing 13-megapixel camera for selfies

Christina Cyr, founder of the Cyrcle Phone, told the BBC, "Rectangles have served us for years and years, But looking for something that fits better in the hand and also something that fits better in the pocket. we have seen companies like Amazon and Google break the rectangular paradigm with circular devices for the home - now is the time to innovate our mobile communication device."
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