This is How Skin Allergies Spread from Cosmetics

In the desire to look beautiful, people often spoil the color of their real skin by using all kinds of cosmetics. Due to the toxic chemicals present in them, people are vulnerable to many diseases like allergies, rashes and thinning of the skin. To avoid this problem, researchers have now studied and discovered the mechanism that can identify chemicals in consumer products such as lotions and perfumes that can harm our skin. Researchers say that through this mechanism, we can adopt new ways of treating skin allergy patients.

Image: WebMD
According to a study published in the journal Science Immunology, a chemical factor in skin products is a major factor in skin allergies, a chemical present in consumer products used to displace natural fat-like molecules in skin cells, called lipids. . Researchers at Columbia University in the United States said, "Allergic reactions occur in our body when the T cells of the immune system know that a particular chemical is external. But T cells do not directly detect small chemicals, as they undergo a modification with larger proteins so that they are visible to T cells.

Columbia University researcher and co-author of this study Animike De Jong said, 'However, there are many small elements present in skin care products or beauty products that cause inflammation in our skin, because they are detected by T cells. Huh. He said that these elements should be invisible to T cells, but they are analogous, due to which the problem deepens.

Scientists believe that the molecule called CD1a may be responsible for making chemicals visible to T cells. CD1a is abundant on immune cells (Langerhans cells) in the outer layer of skin. In the present study, researchers found that chemicals that detect inflammation in the skin are able to bind CD1a molecules to the surface of Langerhans cells and activate T cells.

Researchers said that chemicals like Balsam and Farnesol, which are used extensively in cosmetics, are responsible for skin inflammation. Therefore, before using any beauty product, you must have your skin tested, so that serious skin diseases can be avoided.
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