Toyota to Build a Smart Hi-tech City: Robots will do Everything, Self Driving Cars etc

Construction on the new city will begin in 2021. ImageCredit: Toyota/Bjarke Ingels Group
Automobile company Toyota will build a unique city in the foothills of Mount Fuji, Japan's volcano. Everything here will be equipped with technology. This place is about 100 kilometers from Tokyo. The company has drawn up the plan. There will be 2000 people in the city. Everything will be hitech here. It has been named Woven City and will start from 2021. Japanese company Toyota announced this at the world's largest consumer electronic show # CES2020 running in Las Vegas.

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda calls the city a living laboratory. Akio says, "This city will be quite different. Researchers, scientists and engineers live a daily life, this city will give a special kind of environment for conducting new experiments. Here, from building to vehicle, sensors and AI technology will be connected. Robot assistants will be present to help people. "According to Akio, we will test here both virtual and physically to take Artificial Intelligence to a new level. Our goal is to transform Artificial Intelligence into Artificial Amplified.
Homes will feature sensor-enabled AI that may monitor supplies and even residents' health.(Image Credit: Toyota / Bjarke Ingels Group)
The CEO of the company, which released the master plan of the city, said, "The work of keeping waste in the house and refrigerator will be automatic. Technology will also give you information about how healthy you are. The power storage station and water filter will be below ground. The architecture company has kept the public space quite beautiful and equipped with facilities. The person will not feel stressed and the noise around will be less. Car free zones will also be prepared in some places.

The new city will be set up on 175 acres, where the company's factory once used to be. The project will be designed with the help of hydrogen fuel cells and rooftop solar energy. Fully automatic cars will run here and the smoke emission rate will be zero percent. The cars will run on their own, the company has named it Toyota E-Palette, with the help of which things will be delivered. The first residents of the city will be the company's workers and their families. Apart from this, retired people, retailers, researchers and people associated with the project will be allowed to stay here.

A digital mock-up shows small autonomous vehicles operating alongside pedestrians. Credit: Toyota / Bjarke Ingels Group
The company has teamed up with architecture firm Bizarke Engel Group to complete the project, which has prepared the master plan for the entire city. The building will be made of wood with the help of robots. Architecture firm Bizarke Inzal Group, which is building the remodeled World Trend Center in New York and the Google headquarters, says smart technology will dominate the interior of the home.
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