505 Gold Coins found in the excavation of the renovation of the temple in TamilNadu

Excavation was going on on Wednesday at the Jambukeshwar Temple at Thiruvanaikaval in Tiruchirappalli district of Tamil Nadu. Meanwhile, a copper vessel was seen at a depth of 7 feet. Taking it out from the ground, 505 gold coins weighing 1.716 kg were found in it. The coins are 1000 to 1200 years old. Their price is being said to be around 68 lakh rupees. These were handed over to the police by the temple administration.

According to the temple administration, excavation work was going on in the Jambukeshwar temple. Meanwhile, an urn was visible. The workers threw it out and reported it to the temple authorities. On opening the wall, there were gold coins on it, which are written in Arabic language. At the moment the price of the coins has not been revealed.

According to District Collector Sivarasu, information has been given to the State Archaeological Department for information about the circulation period of the coins. Coins were found during digging around 1 pm. The temple administration had kept these with them. After this, he was asked to submit the tehsildar of Srirangam taluka to the government treasury. Coins were handed over at 7 pm. There was no response from Mariyappan, the executive officer of the temple administration in this matter.
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