Astronomers discover new mini moon orbiting Earth, revolving for three years

American astronomers have discovered another 'mini moon' orbiting the Earth. This asteroid as large as a car has been orbiting the Earth for the last three years. This 'mini moon', with a diameter of 1.9–3.5 m (6–11 ft), was first observed by researchers Kekeper Vierjos and Teddy Pruen of the Catalina Sky Survey in collaboration with the US space agency NASA in Arizona on February 15.

Vierjos tweeted on Wednesday, 'Big news. Temporarily orbiting the Earth has been detected. It is probably a mini moon. It is named 2020 CD3. It may be a C-type asteroid. ' The astronomer said, 'This is a big deal, because it is the second asteroid found in Earth's orbit. Studies have shown that it must have entered Earth's orbit three years ago.

Earlier 2006 Mini Moon named RH 120 was revealed. It was also discovered by the scientists of the Catalina Sky Survey. The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory's Minor Planet Center said, 'No link to this unnatural object has been discovered. It could be an asteroid that Earth must have pulled from its gravitational force. '

The center collects data about small planets and asteroids. He tweeted, "Its association with Earth may be temporary." Researcher Grigori Fedorest of Queens University in Northern Ireland told New Scientist magazine, 'When we're talking about it, it's moving away from the Earth-Moon system. It is likely that by April it will go away completely. The asteroid 2006 RH 120 that was detected earlier orbited the Earth from September 2006 to June 2007.
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