COVID-19: Reliance MyJio App Launched New Tool! Now identify the symptoms of corona virus yourself from home

To fight the fast spreading corona virus in the country, Reliance Industries Limited has started a campaign #CoronaHaaregaIndiaJeetega. There is a fear among people across the country that they are also infected with Coronavirus. Hospitals around the world are full of patients infected with COVID-19 and it is difficult to make it available to all. In such a situation, Reliance Jio has added many new features to the MyJio App, so that you can easily check the symptoms of the virus yourself.

In the MyJio app, Corona virus testing tool, guide on how to work at home, learn from home, how to get medical advice through digital tool while at home. Along with this, a list of Corona Testing Centers across the country has also been given. It contains updated data on corona virus patients that have surfaced in India including the world and answers to commonly asked questions about COVID-19. Apart from this, helpline details have also been given for all areas.

The best thing in this is MyJio's Corona Virus Symptom tool, which is made available to everyone.

The list of test centers shared by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is also present in the MyJio app. A list of all the states and territories in India is available here. If there is a new change in the list of states or regions, then the MyJio list will also be updated.

If you want to be updated with the data on corona virus prevalence and recovered patients from India and around the world, then the app has a statistics tool. Specifically, the number of confirmed cases has been shown first for India and then the state-wise data has been given.

Reliance Jio has said that 'Low-risk citizens can overcome any possible misconceptions with the help of this app. For citizens with mid-risk, we can reassure them about their disease (most people recover with mild symptoms) and inform them about whether they need medical help. For high risk citizens, we will give them proper medical help so that it can be well treated while being isolated.

This feature of the MyJio app will be available on your Android phone or Apple iPhone through a server side update. If your app is already updated then you don't need to do anything. If this feature is not visible in your app then you can go to Google Play Store (Android phone) or Apple App Store (for Apple iPhone) for the new version.

How this tool works…

>> In the My Jio app, you will get the option of 'Symptom Checker'. Here below this you have to tap on 'check your symptoms now'. As soon as you start checking the corona virus symptoms, it will first be asked for whom you are taking this test. There is an option - for yourself, for the spouse, for the child or for a friend. In this, select the option that you are testing.

>> Now after this you will be asked Gender. In this, the option of 'Male, Female and Other' will be found. Choose it according to yourself.

>> Now after this, your age will be asked, in which four options are given - less than 12 years, between 12-50 years, between 51-60 years and above 60 years. Select the option here according to your age.

>> You will also be asked some health related questions, in which there will be 7 options. It has asthma, chronic lung disease, diabetes, immuno-compromised condition, pregnancy and none of these. If you have any of these diseases, then select, otherwise tap on None of the Above.

>> Now you will be asked whether you or any of your family have gone to these countries in the last 14 days. The country's options include China, Italy, Spain, Iran, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Country not listed above and None of the Above.

>> Now the question is whether in the last 14 days you or your family has traveled in public transport anywhere across the country and come in contact with someone who has a cold, cough, fever and difficulty in breathing. .

>> After this, it will be asked that you or someone in your family has met COVID-19 patient in the last 14 days. With this, the option of Yes and No will be available.

>> will you have a question? With this, there will be an option of Yes and No.

>> the question will come do you have a headache? With this, there will be an option of Yes and No.

>> Now you will be asked if you have a cough. With this, the option of Yes and No will be available. Select yourself.

>> will you be asked if you have a cold?

>> the question will come, is your throat bad? Yes and No will also be available in this.

>> Then the question will be, do you have trouble breathing?

>> the question is, is there a loudness in your voice?

>> Based on all the answers given by you, the result will now come in front of you, in which you will be told how much risk you have for COVID-19.
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