Important Points to keep in mind before selling your old smartphone

As soon as smartphones become old, we all start planning to buy new handsets. But they often ignore the important things related to it. Whenever you sell your smartphone or give it to someone else to use, it becomes extremely important to take care of some things. If you too are planning to buy a new handset by selling your smartphone recently or are giving your phone to someone else to use, then we are giving you some information which is important to keep in mind.

1. It is very important to backup all the data in your phone and save it on your Google account. Backup games, contacts, Gmail, documents, photos, etc. For this, you have to go to the settings of the phone. After that go to Accounts and tap on your Google Account and check the option to sync all the data.

2. Back up all the photos and videos in your phone on cloud or computer. If you want to manually backup photos and videos on computer then you have to connect your phone to PC or laptop. After this, open the folder of your phone. Wherever photos and videos are saved in it, go and backup everyone. Keep in mind that if you have a memory card in your phone, then you should back up photos and videos from it as well.

3. You can also backup text and call logs. For this you can download the SMS Backup and Restore app. We have also used this app ourselves, in this case we can say that it is a good app for text and call log backup. It is available for free on the Google Play Store. Download the app. 

4. After doing all the above steps, you also need to disable Factory Reset Protection. For this, you have to remove Google account. For this, you have to go to Settings. Then go to Accounts & Sync option and tap on Google. After this select the account. Now you will be given three dots on the top side. Click on it and select the Remove account option.

5. After completing all the above steps, you have to factory reset the phone. Even if there is any data left in your phone, all the data of your phone will be deleted. For this, you have to go to the settings. Then tap on Backup & reset and tap on Factory data reset. Then tap on Reset phone.
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