Microsoft launches tracker for real-time tracking of cases of Coronavirus

Microsoft has launched Bing Tracker to provide information about people affected by Coronavirus. Even before Mircrosoft, many more companies have launched similar trackers. Google is also working on this dangerous virus screening and tracking website. The Microsoft Bing team has launched this service worldwide. People will be able to get real time information about how many cases of corona virus have been reported worldwide and in which countries. This service can be accessed through the company's website

According to the report recorded so far, Microsoft Bing COVID-19 tracker, a total of 218564 people worldwide have been affected by this dangerous virus. Out of which 82,267 are active cases, while 208746 people have recovered from this virus. According to the information recorded on this tracker, so far 8938 people have died worldwide. In the US, 61 people have died due to this dangerous virus.

Microsoft Bing general manager Michael Schechter said in his statement that many of our employees have been doing work from home since last week due to the virus that has taken the form of epidemic worldwide. In this tracker, a map of every country has been given and the cases encountered there can be seen. On the left side of the tracker, you will find the real confirmed cases, active cases, recurred cases and real time data of deaths from this virus.

Just below this, you will get a list of all countries. The countries with the most cases are given the top. At the same time, the countries with the fewest cases are given below. Whichever country you click on, the map of that country will open on the right and you will get information about the total confirmed cases, total active cases, total recurring cases and deaths in that country. Also, any article related to Coronavirus will be seen below. That is, with the help of this tracker from Microsoft, you will get all the information related to the corona virus.

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