Microsoft develops world's fifth fastest supercomputer

In Microsoft Build 2020, the company introduced the world's fifth fastest supercomputer based on its Open AI. It is the first supercomputer hosted by the company's Azure cloud. This Microsoft supercomputer is developed in collaboration with Open AI. This supercomputer has been specially designed to train many models of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Microsoft tied up last year with an Open AI company funded by Elon Musk to design this supercomputer.

The Azure Cloud will train AI and AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) models through this super computer. Through this super computer, Microsoft has tried to challenge Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud. Microsoft has revealed through its blog post how the cloud platform hosted by Azure will be used to train AI models for developers and organizations.

Microsoft's Chief Technical Officer Kevin Scott said, "With the help of neural language processing, it is capable of doing a hundred exciting tasks at once and when you look at these combinations in the domain of concepts, you have a new application that Realizes fantasies.

This super computer has 2,85,000 CPU cores onboard, 10,000 GPUs and 400Gpbs of network connectivity for every GPU server. Looking at these hardware features, it is being called the fifth fastest supercomputer in the world, which is listed in the TOP500 project site. Open AI can be used to bring new artificial intelligence technology to this super computer. Because of which it can challenge other cloud based super computers.
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