New quick settings help you optimize your Gmail layout

Google is going to bring the most awaited update for its e-mess service Gmail. This new update will be rolled out soon. Gmail now has a new Quick Settings menu, which will make it easier for users to customize their email inboxes. Users will be able to customize the layout, theme and settings of their e-mail inbox accordingly. This feature will soon be rolled out for G Suite as well as personal account users. The company has announced to roll out this update phase-wise. The company has given information about this new update through a G Suite blog post.

In this new customized feature update, when users click on the "Settings' icon of Gmail, they will get a new dialog box, which will get different types of interfaces, inbox types and display options. Users can choose the interface, inbox type and display option according to their own. By clicking on these boxes, users will be able to see its preview in real time. After watching the preview, users will be able to set their Gmail in-box accordingly.

According to the G Suite blog post, the company said that we have brought this option to easily find and explore real inbox in real time, so that you can find out what settings you have made. We hope that with the help of this, users will be able to set up Gmail and they will be able to use it easily.
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