EROCKIT is the world's first pedal powered electric bike, with a few pedals, it reaches a speed of 80kmph

eROCKIT is an electric motorcycle that is trying to revolutionize the electric mobility industry with its unique drive system. Its specialty is that it can also be used as a bicycle, as it also has the facility to hit the pedal. Its manufacturers claim that it is capable of performing like a petrol powered motorcycle. It can be carried up to 80 km per hour by giving some pedals. This is a 6.6 KWh battery. It can run up to 120 kilometers in a single charge.

By giving some pedals in it, it can take the speed up to 80 kmph. This is a 6.6 kWh battery. The company claims that it can run up to 120 km on a single charge, which is sufficient to move around the city.

Talking about the motorcycle, its paddles are not connected to the rear wheel, which you get attached to the chain setup in a common bicycle. Instead, the paddle powers a generator that measures the manpower that goes into it (as it does not have an accelerator) and uses paddle speed to regulate how much motor power is required for the rear wheel. is. It comes with a 16 kW electric motor, which seems quite adequate given the fact that the bike weighs just 120 kg.

The company that produces the motorcycle is named eROCKIT Systems GmbH, and the company is Germany based. The vehicle has 3 different driving modes, such as Eco, Normal and Sport, which limits power output and helps save energy. The battery pack can be charged with the help of a regular 110 - 230 V socket.

eROCKIT is licensed as a light motorcycle in Europe under the L3e vehicle class for road traffic, and therefore, a European class A1 driving license is required to ride an electric motorcycle. It costs € 11,850 in Europe (about 9.88 lakh rupees in Indian currency).

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