Google Maps will reveal the state of public transport with new features, checkpoints and restrictions on the way.

Google Maps has introduced new features so that users can work better even in the event of an epidemic. It includes the Transit Alert feature which will state the states of public transport. While the second feature will give information about check points and restrictions coming in the way of personal car or cab users. The third feature is for those visiting hospitals or Corona Testing Centers, which will give them information about the guidelines.

These updates are available in many countries including India, which makes Google Maps more useful as many countries are slowly resuming after the epidemic-affected lockdown.

What is the new feature?

1.The first one is the Transit Alert feature. It sends information about the status of public transport to the user from its local transit agencies. This helps to alert the user to travel restrictions related to Kovid-19, such as the need for mandatory face masks. For example it helps them to plan their journey according to Kovid-19. The facility is currently available in India, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, France, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States.

2. The second feature is for those who use personal cars or cabs. This feature provides alerts about check points and restrictions on the chosen route, including crossing national borders (starting with Canada, Mexico and the US). The user will get these information on the direction screen.

3. Another feature is for those traveling to hospitals or covid-19 testing centers. It reminds them to validate their eligibility and informs them of the facility guidelines. However, for now the facility will be available only to hospitals in Indonesia, Israel, the Philippines, South Korea and the US. Meanwhile the Testing Centers Alert will only be enabled for now in the US.

How can you use this feature?

To use the features, users will need to download and install the updated version of Google Maps from the App Store available on Android and iOS platforms.

Google Maps will reveal the state of public transport with new features, checkpoints and restrictions on the way. Google Maps will reveal the state of public transport with new features, checkpoints and restrictions on the way. Reviewed by on June 11, 2020 Rating: 5


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