Google will not store user's data for a long time

Google is changing the settings to automatically delete the collected data of its users. On which page users visited, which website searched and what app activity and location data etc. would be automatically deleted from Google server after 18 months, while YouTube history such as which clip was viewed and for how long Information seen till date will be deleted after 36 months.

Currently this change only applies to new accounts, but existing users can be given the facility to change their settings. Google announced this when other technology companies are facing several investigations in the matter of collecting and doing business with data.

The Wall Street Journal reported in its report that the US Justice Department is scheduled to discuss later this week to sentence him to Google's anti-competitive behavior, accusing Google of misusing its influence in online search Have done.

On Tuesday, a German court banned the collection of data from local users on Facebook. There is a concern that the company is misusing its good position among social networking.

Google introduced auto-delete control in May 2019 to force users to regularly truncate logs collected about them by the company, but at that time it was made an opt-in option. Meaning that user consent is required to store data. The American technology company uses this data collected to display advertisements for users and other things.

Google product manager David Monsey said- We know that information helps improve our product, but it is in our policies to keep data at least for a long time and Google will no longer keep data indefinitely.

Google said that it wants to keep YouTube records longer than Internet activity, as it will help users in making recommendations and other tasks, which requires a long search history.

He further explained that the facility of automatic deletion of data will not delete the store data in Photo, Gmail and its drives, as it is not used for advertising and other purposes.

Long time users will be affected in other ways, though they will also be shown new guided tips. For example, if someone uses Google search to find out if their account is secure, a box will show their settings and also show them how to adjust it.

For example, if a user shares the location of their handset with a friend, they will be reminded later that the permission is still active and asked if they want to turn it off.

Jim Kylock, executive director of the Open Rights Group, said, "Many people are uncomfortable with their information in the Google Store. This means that people can ignore many things. Google should make sure that everyone has given a clear indication of whether they want their history to be collected, rather than erasing their information that they have already read half.

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