Indian Oil launches battery swapping facility for electric vehicle

The country's largest oil marketing company Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) on Friday launched a battery swapping facility. The introduction of this facility will eliminate battery charging problems in electric vehicles (EVs). IOC has made this facility available at petrol pumps from where any EV driver can take a full charge battery in exchange for a discharge battery in minutes.

As part of the pilot project, this facility has been started from a petrol pump in Chandigarh. In due course, this facility will also be introduced at 20 other IOC outlets across the country.

Initially, this facility will benefit commercial vehicles such as electric autos, electric rickshaws and electric two-wheelers. Apart from this, factory fitted electric vehicles will also be able to take advantage of the battery facility.

IOCL has partnered with Sun Mobility for this facility. Under this partnership, Sun Mobility is setting up a Quick Interchange Station (QIS) for the battery swapping facility.

To avail the facility, EVs have to be taken to IOCL's QIS. Here the discharge battery has to be kept in the dispensing station. Shortly afterwards you will get a full charged battery. All types of three / four wheeler EVs can be swapped. After this whole process you will get a bill to charge the battery.

According to IOCL, 14 batteries have been provided on one QIS. Apart from this, a pre-loaded swapping card with touch screen and an electricity sub meter is also installed in QIS. These QISs can play an important role in providing alternative energy solutions to the three-wheeler segment.

According to IOCL chairman Sanjeev Singh, a total of 3.5 million vehicles were sold last year. The number of electric vehicles in this was only 4 thousand. Singh says that these vehicles are selling less due to the longer time spent in battery charging.

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