Google's new Trash feature will be able to recover deleted contacts

Google will soon introduce a new feature, Trash, which will be able to recover deleted contacts. Meaning if you use Google Contacts, and have accidentally deleted the contact, it can be recovered within 30 days. It will be exactly like a recycling bin, where deleted photos and videos are stored, which can be restored again within a set time. By the way, this feature will be available only on the website of Google Contacts. But even after this, the delete contact on the app can also be recovered.

According to Android Police report, Google's new Trash feature will be rolled out in the next few weeks for all G Suite customers and personal Google accounts. Google said that this feature is not yet available in the Google Contacts app for mobile devices. However, soon Google Contacts can also be introduced for the app version. The Trash feature will be found under Other contacts on the Google Contacts site. Please tell that the date and date of the deleted messages will be entered in Google Trash. Also deleted from contact or website. This can be found out. Also, if you do not want to store the contact again, you can choose the option of Contact Delete Forever. At the same time, Recover will be given to recover the contact, by which the contact can be retrieved.

The phone's contact list can be synchronized to Google. Meaning if you have logged into your Gmail and opted in to the synchronized option, then you will not have to update the contact on Google separately. Users' contacts will be automatically updated on Google. There will also be no fear of losing contacts when the SIM or phone changes.
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