Gorilla Glass Victus to replace Gorilla Glass 6

Gorilla Glass Victus has been announced, which will soon be seen in the premium smartphones of Samsung and Apple. Gorilla Glass Victus will protect the phone from falling from a height of 6 feet and breaking and scratching. Meaning if your phone falls below a height of 6 feet, there will be no scope for breakage, as well as no scratches. According to the company, Gorilla Glass Victus gives twice as much scratch protection as compared to Gorilla Glass 6. Also, it provides 6 times as much scratch protection as compared to the rest of the glass.

If you talk about the drop protection of the smartphone, then the screen of the Gorilla Glass Victus will not deteriorate from the earlier Gorilla Glass 6 to 1.25 feet falling from a height. Let us know that the drop protection limit of Gorilla Glass Victus is 6.5 feet, while the drop protection limit of Gorrila Glass 6 is 5.25 feet. At the same time, this limit of Gorilla Glass is 3.9 feet. Simply put, if the phone falls down while talking in the ear, then the chances of it breaking down will be less.

Gorilla glass is a type of glass glass, which is made of aluminum by mixing silicon and oxycan. This process is called the Ion Exchange process. It is a chemical process. In this process, glass is given more strength. Gorilla glass is lighter, stronger and thinner than the rest of the glass. Gorilla Glass is owned by Corning Inc. Gorilla Glass protects the smartphone's ripper panel and display. Gorilla Glass is commonly used in us smartphones. Gorilla Glass was first used by the Apple company. After this, other companies also preferred to use it.
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