iPhone 11 manufacturing started in India, Apple phones will be cheaper

Premium smartphone manufacturer Apple has started manufacturing iPhone 11 in India. The iPhone 11 smartphone will be manufactured at the Foxconn plant in Chennai. Union Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal tweeted and informed about this. The manufacture of iPhone in India will reduce the cost of the phone. Also, the company will be able to save 22 per cent of the tax paid to the government as import duty. Due to this, the possibility of a decrease in the price of iPhone 11 is being expected in the coming days.

Iphone 11
Image credit: the vergr

Let us know that recently Apple launched the iPhone XR assembling line in India. Only 9 months after this, the company has started the manufacturing line of iphone 11 in India. Companies like Foxconn, Wistron and Pegatron work as suppliers of Apple company in India. These companies supply the iphone model. A lot of investment has been made from these companies towards manufacturing phones in India. Foxconn company is the leading supplier of iPhone, which announced an investment of around $ 1 billion in India earlier this month. Pegatron, the second largest iPhone suppliers company after Foxconn, has also claimed investment in India.

Apple started its first domestic manufacturing in May 2017 and manufactured the iPhone SE at that time. The entire process took place in Bangalore, and at that time the iPhone SE's splier company was Wistron. After this, in October last year, Apple started local manufacturing of iPhone XR. Also, there is a possibility that the company may soon start working on the Made in India smartphone. Piyush Goyal has described the manufacturing of Apple iPhone 11 in India as a major step towards Make in India.

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