LG's Unique Electric Mask, Small Fan in Mask for Clean Air

South Korean tech company LG Electronics has introduced a special type of electric mask, which can prove to be effective in the fight against Covid-19. This mask has a small fan under the filter. This mask will be equipped with an in-built battery that will provide power to the fan. According to the LG company, the mask can be easily used for 8 hours in two hours of charging.


Two H13 HEPA filters are provided on both sides of the mask, which can be replaced. The mask's HEPA filter can block ultra-fine dust particles up to 99.95 percent. Assuming LG, if the user uses the mask for 6 hours daily, then the filter of the mask will have to be changed after one month. The outer part of the mask is made of plastic, while the internal part is made of silicon material. The reason for this device is 120 grams. The company claims that the mask can be worn for a long time. LG has donated 2000 such electric masks to Seoul University. Also, the medical worker has been given health facility. LG has used LG's patented technology PuriCare Purifier in electric masks. LG has not revealed any details about the price and release of the new mask at the moment.

With the help of fan in LG's electric mask, the wearer will get clean air. Also, lack of oxygen will not cause suffocation. Apart from this, you will be able to get rid of the heat problem caused by wearing a normal mask for a long time. The air pressure sensor in the mask will activate the fan of the mask and the fan will supply the air in the mask as per the requirement and then stop the fan if there is excess air.
LG's Unique Electric Mask, Small Fan in Mask for Clean Air LG's Unique Electric Mask, Small Fan in Mask for Clean Air Reviewed by on July 17, 2020 Rating: 5


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