Corona does not directly affect the ability of taste: revealed in research

 According to a study, the corona does not directly damage the taste cells, but the patient stops tasting anything during inflammation due to illness. The findings, published in the journal ACS Pharmacology and Translational Science, contradict previous studies that reported that the corona virus directly impacts taste ability. Indeed, a large number of corona patients complained of no smell or taste, after which the researchers added it to the list of corona symptoms. However, recent research suggests that 20-25 percent of patients complain of not having taste.

Corona does not directly affect the ability of taste: revealed in research

Associate Professor Hongzhijiang Liu of the University of Georgia, US, said the more worrying thing is that patients do not notice a taste after some time of exposure to the virus. This is a situation that we need to watch carefully. Studies on mice also suggest that taste cells are not vulnerable to corona infection, as most of them do not contain ACE2. ACE2 is a type of receptor that helps corona virus enter the body.

This is the first study of its method, which describes the relationship between corona virus and taste cells. During the study, researchers analyzed data from the oral cells of mice and found that the cells contained ACE2, but did not have a presence in the taste cells at all. This means that the virus does not directly affect the taste cells.

The total number of corona virus infections in the world crossed 2 million on Monday. Talking about the worldwide Covid meter, the total number of corona infections in the world has increased to 2,00,23,016. The total deaths so far have been 733,973. Globally, nearly three lakh new cases have been reported in the last 24 hours. India has been witnessing more new cases in the last few days than any other country in the world. However, the number of people recovering from Covid 19 is also increasing rapidly.

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