High MP camera does not depict good camera quality, this is the right way to identify it.

 Indian smartphone manufacturer companies have limited the quality of the camera to megapixels. Currently up to 108 megapixel (MP) cameras are being provided in the phone. But despite this, a photo that is not as good as the DSLR camera can be clicked in the phone, while the DSLR camera low megapixels at around 16MP is an amazing photo click. After all, why is this so and why has such an atmosphere been created in India that a smartphone with more megapixels is the guarantee of a good camera, but this is not the case at all. A better camera depends on many things, so today we are going to tell you some such things, which will always help you in buying a good camera phone. Actually, the camera of a smartphone is good when it has a good quality lens, image sensor, megapixel, aperture, flash, zoom, etc. Now the problem is how to identify all these things present in the phone.

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When buying a phone, its size is important along with the number of megapixels, the larger the pixels will be, the more light will be on it, due to which the photo of better quality can be clicked. Many times smartphone manufacturer companies make more megapixel camera by putting more megapixels in a smaller image sensor. This increases the megapixels. But the photo is not a good click, while a low megapixel DSLR camera leads to a good photo click. Actually DSLR has a lot of space. Due to this, a large size image sensor is used in it. However, now many mobile manufacturer companies increase the photo quality with the help of software from small size image cesar. Then this phono cannot compete with photos clicked with a large image sensor.

Image sensor As the name suggests, the sensor works to identify the color of an image and other things. Meaning, the larger the image sensor, the better the photo click. In such a situation, whenever you go to buy a phone, then definitely note that the size of the image sensor of the phone is. You might have heard the name of CCD in DSLR camera. A good camera uses a three CCD image sensor. Nowadays, manufacturers mention sensors in smartphone cameras too.

In the camera which is the value of f1.7, f2.0. Aperture is there. In this f means focal length. Meaning the lower the value of f. The more the lens door opens, the more light will go inside. As an example, you can understand that if aperture is f1.4, it is better and if f2.0 is less good.

You can see the lens as the eye of the camera. A camera cannot be imagined without a lens. The better the lens quality in the phone, the better it will be able to take pictures. The lenses come from Sony and other companies. Zoom is measured in 2X and 8X.

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