LG launches electronic face mask, it will also get air purifiers and two fans

 The threat of corona epidemic is not yet averted. Even though the recovery rate of infected people is getting better, safety is still necessary. Keeping this in mind, South Korean company LG has launched a portable air purifier face mask.

The special feature of this LG face mask is that it uses filters that are used in home air purifiers. However, their size is quite slim. It also has a battery operated fan which will make it easier to breathe. Face masks are designed to fit easily on all faces.

Features of LG Air Purifier Mask:

  1. According to the company, sensors will also be available in this partable air purifier. These sensors detect when and how the user is inhaling and exhaling. Accordingly, the speed of the fan will be adjusted.
  2. H13 HEPA filters and two fans have been installed in this purifier. The company designed it after facial shape research. The mask is designed to avoid leakage around the nose and chin.
  3. According to the company, this electric mask that fits on the face of the user reduces air leakage significantly and even after wearing it for hours, the user will not have any kind of discomfort or fatigue.
  4. This air purifier mask can also be controlled from the app. At the same time, it will also send many notifications to the app. 820mAh battery is provided in the mask. According to the company claim, it can run for up to 8 hours on low mode and up to 2 hours on high mode.
  5. The mask will get UV-LED, which is capable of eliminating dangerous germs. The company is also offering a special carry case for this electronic purifier, in which they will be able to charge it. However, no information has been given about its price yet.

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