Successful test of flying car: company bid- will be ready by 2023

Many companies have been working on flying cars for the last several years, but now this dream is going to come true. That is, soon the common man will have access to a flying car. Indeed, the Japanese company SkyDrive Inc. has successfully tested its car.

At a press conference, the company showed a video of the car flying. In the video, the car was seen flying up to 2 meters (about 6.5 feet) above the ground. At the same time, the car remained in the air for about 4 minutes in a fix area. Tomohiro Fukuzawa, the head of the Sky-Drive project, said he hoped to be the final product of the flying car by 2023. According to him, making it safe will be a major challenge.

In the press conference, Tomohiro Fukuzawa said that more than 100 companies have projects going on around the world. Many companies have also been successful in flying with one person in their project. We hope that there are many people driving the flying car, but they want to make themselves feel safe while flying it.

He said that this car can only fly for 5 to 10 minutes, but its flight time can be increased to 30 minutes. They can also be exported to countries like China.

Work on the skydrive project began in 2012 as a voluntary project. The project is funded by Japanese automobile company Toyota Motor Corp, electronic company Panasonic Corp and video game company Bandai Namco. 3 years ago a test was done of this car which failed. The project has also recently received 3.9 billion (about Rs 271 crore) funding. 

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