Google and Apple create new exposure notification system to avoid Covid-19

 Google and Apple have announced new systems for the Covid-19 epidemic, the world's two biggest tech companies. This system is named Exposure Notification Express. This system will enable public health authorities to use smartphones to help with contact tracing without an app.

This new system of exposure notification express will allow public health officials to submit a small configuration file for Apple and Google. The two tech companies will then use the file to set up the system, so that phone honors can decide that they are with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus.

Users will get an alert on their phone

In the case of the iPhone, a new update of the iOS operating system will alert users to whether an exposure notification system is available from local health authorities and allow users to set it up without downloading a new app. On Android devices, users will get a prompt from the operating system of the phone, but still have to download the automatically generated app.

First new system will be used in America

Both Google and Apple companies said that Maryland, Nevada, Virginia and Washington DC would be the first American places to use the new system. Both companies enabled public health officials to create applications that allow iPhone and Android devices to use Bluetooth signals to detect proximity to a person who tested positive.

Six states of the US and about two dozen countries have in recent weeks launched an exposure notification app based on Apple-Google technology without major hurdles. Allowing apps for cross-border tracking allows apps to rapidly adapt to each other.

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