If the rain water gets filled in the car, then don't ever make this mistake

 Heavy rains have created flood-like conditions in many states. If the dams are full then the river drain is on the rise. Due to lack of proper water drainage, many areas have been flooded, which has submerged people's vehicles. If you are going through the same situation or your car is full of water, then we first talked to the auto expert and some insurance agents to find out what to do and what not to do.

If the vehicle has engine protection insurance:

The insurance agent said that if your car has engine protection insurance and the vehicle has sunk, then there is no need to take tension. Just do not put the key in the car nor try to start it.

If you tried to start the car by mistake, then another problem will arise in front of you. Because if you turn on the ignition then the waste can go inside the engine and in this case you will not get a claim. In such a situation, when the surveyor inspects the engine and shows some type of waste in the engine or it is detected that the ignition of the vehicle was turned on, then it will reject the claim. Because it ignites inside the engine only when the ignition is turned on. Therefore, it would be better to take the vehicle directly from a recovery vehicle or towing vehicle to a service center or contact the service center and ask them to take it.

If there is no insurance then:

Expert told that if the car was completely sunk, then the first party insurance of your car was not only third party insurance. So do not try to start the vehicle even in this condition, otherwise this effort may be too heavy on your pocket. Because after sinking, the most impact is on the engine and electricals of the car. In such a situation, trying to start the car can make the work worse.

If possible, first disconnect the battery of the car. Because the scope of damage to the engine in a closed car is reduced. Removing the battery will not make the electrical systems work and will also reduce the chance of a short circuit.

Since the vehicle is not insured, you have to bear the entire cost, in such a situation, take the vehicle to an authorized service center with the help of a towing vehicle, but do not take a decision by going to the same service center, go to at least two service centers and take an opinion. Or have a mechanic show you and then take a digison. For example, if someone falls ill, he shows it to the doctor and consults the other doctor in case of a bout. The same applies in the case of trains. Maybe one agency can tell you the expenses of 70 thousand by saying that there is too much damage, while the other can work in 40-50 thousand. In this case the cost of towing your vehicle will not go in vain.

Expert said that there is a type of sealing in the engine, so that if the water does not go inside the engine or goes away, it can be drained out during servicing, and there will not be much damage. However, the ignition turns on the water in the engine through an air filter or silencer, which can cause a gap in the piston, meaning the damage may be greater.

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