This small device will have to be installed in the car, the app will tell which part of the car is in the problem, will also give information about mileage

 Sometimes repairing a car is expensive. Even if there is a minor defect in the car, the mechanic lies and lays the money by telling a major flaw. Most people are not aware of the mechanical problem of the car and the mechanic takes full advantage of it. If you too have gone through this problem or want to be careful for further, then you must definitely get OBD i.e. on-board diagnostic in your car. It gives you information in real time if there is any defect in the car. One advantage of this is that you know which part of the car is the problem, in which case the mechanic will not cheat you. So let's talk about OBD and know how it works and whether or not it should be purchased ....

What is OBD device?

OBD stands for On-board Diagnostic. As the name suggests, there is a diagnostic device, which detects the problem going on inside the car in the same way as the doctors detect the problem going on in the human body. The OBD specifically reads the ECU (Engine Control Unit) of the car.

Generally, ECU is present in all cars, information is taken about the health of different parts of the car only through ECU data through a particular device at the authorized service center. With the OBD device one can get information about the health of their vehicle.

How this device works:

OBDs have to be placed in the socket provided near the fuse box, this socket has a different location in every vehicle. After installing it, the device has to be connected to the mobile phone. Different devices come for Android and iOS. Some OBDs connect to the phone via Bluetooth, while some support Wi-Fi.

To connect to the phone you will need to install a special app (eg Torque). Whatever information the OBD device will collect from the ECU unit of the car, through the app you will be able to see it on the phone, such as speed, acceleration, trip, mileage, cool temperature or any part of the vehicle malfunction. These features also depend on the app. For this, first the OBD device and the app have to be connected.

To see the information on the app, you have to turn on the ignition of the car, after that you will be able to see the information about the car in real time on the phone. OBD will show you various types of inputs from the car. As soon as a fault comes, its information will be found on the app in real time, and you will be able to correct it by going to your own or service center.

Who should buy OBD and why?

As mentioned earlier, the OBD i.e. on-board diagnostic collects data from the ECU unit of the car and the data tells you with the help of the app on the phone. This device is useful for you when you know how to fix a car by yourself or you can fix many things by yourself.

Apart from this, if you want to see all the inputs of the vehicle, which parts in the vehicle are working properly or which parts are doing the problem and how serious the problem is, then this small device is of your use. .

It is also very useful for those whose instrument does not provide mileage information on the instrument cluster, so by purchasing this device it can be found in real time on the app how much mileage the car is paying and the mileage of the previous trip Can also be seen.

But many of the information that OBD tells you, is available only on the instrument cluster. So, if you cannot fix all the things by yourself, then buying this device will not be of much use.

It is also worth noting that this device does not work in cars before 2010. Even if port is given in it, OBD will not support it. So before buying it make sure that it will work in your car or not.

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