This small gadget will convert the phone's screen to a 14-inch display, the cost is less than Rs 300

 The cinema halls remained closed in lockdown and people entertained themselves by watching web series and movies on the phone itself. But the screen of the phone is small, so the experience of watching a movie is not available as it is found on a big screen like tablet or laptop or TV. Also, constantly looking at the screen of the phone, the eyes also have a bad effect, the symptoms of which begin to appear after some time. But now there is no need to take tension. If you like to watch web series, movies or YouTube videos on the phone and do not want to make a big investment to buy a tablet like a big screen, then we have brought a cheap gadget for you, which in a few seconds will let your phone screen in two Will increase up to four times and your precious eyes will also be protected .. so let's start ...

Phone screen will be bigger by two to four times

  • The name of this small and cheap device is Mobile Screen Magnifier. Some call it F2 screen, screen expander and in many places it is sold as screen inlarger and screen amplifier.
  • It has a very large range available in the market. It is so economical that your pocket will not be affected. Some companies also claim to have 3D experience in it.
  • Currently, a variety of magnifiers are available in the market, including the screen magnifier of Boxnum Shape and the foldable screen expander that folds like a notebook.
  • On opening the screen magnifier of box size, there is a gap in the back, in which the phone is fitted. It can put a phone from 4.7 inches to 5.5 inches.
  • It has a plastic glass on the front, which acts as a convex lens, the convex lens makes any small object look larger. The entire body on the outside is made of fiber, whose built-quality is not very good but it gets right. Talking about the price, many options will be available on the e-commerce site for less than Rs 300. You can get it cheaper by buying from local shop.
  • If you do not want to take a boxed screen magnifier, a foldable magnifier like a notebook can also be purchased. It gets screen sizes from 12 inches to 14 inches. They increase the screen of mobile by 3 to 4 times. It will also be available for less than Rs 300 on e-commerce.

Advantages and disadvantages of screen magnifiers

  • Its advantage is that this product increases the screen of the phone by two to five times, giving a good video viewing experience. However, it cannot be compared to the screen quality of the phone. It is portable and lightweight, it can be carried anywhere, folded and can be easily placed in a bag. Another advantage is that it causes little damage to the eyes.
  • Talk about the loss as we have already said that picture quality will have to be slightly compromised. Quality like mobile screen will not be available. The second disadvantage is that it is visible only when viewed from the front, the video blur appears from the side.

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