Facebook's Messenger will merge Instagram's direct message, WhatsApp can also be merged.

Image Credit: bbc.com

The social media platform is considering providing an option for Instagram users to merge Instagram direct messages with Facebook Messenger. That is, now users can send messages to the people of Messenger from Instagram and users of Facebook Messenger will be able to use. Users can also keep Messenger and Instagram direct messages separately if they want. Facebook has given this information through its blog post.

After this merger, the user will not need to download anything separately. Only using one platform they will be able to contact the people on the other platform. Also, the messages and calls made to his user from the Instagram app will remain in the Instagram app.

Many new features have been added to make the Message Experience fun on Instagram. These include Selfie Stickers, Watch Together and Vanish Mode which will make themselves missing seven messages of a certain time. Facebook said that some features will come first on Instagram and then on Messenger.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to merge WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram together. If this happens, these three apps will work differently like stand alone apps. 

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