Truecaller will get a tough competition from Google, will launch a new version of Phone by Google

The giant tech company Google is preparing to launch a new version of its special app Phone by Google, which will be named Google Call. In this leading mobile app, users will get the facility to stop caller-id and spam calls. At the same time, the company will give a tough competition to Truecaller through this app.

According to a report by Mobile Indian, Redditor has spotted Google's upcoming calling app Google Call on a YouTube advertisement. The tagline 'lets you answer with confidence' has been used in this advertisement seen on YouTube.

Google Call App Launching

Google has not given any information about the launch of Google Call yet. But it is expected that this app will be launched soon. Please tell that Google's phone app is for Android users. The advantage of this app is that it gives the user the name of the caller even after the screen is locked. The company recently released a number of features for this app. 

Google Pay App Changes

Google has completely redesigned its digital payment app Google Pay. Google claims that the new change will help Google Pay users to save money. Also, users will be able to monitor their expenses. However, from the beginning of Google, the change in Google Pay has been done for US users only. However, soon Google Pay will be updated in the rest of the world including India.

In the old app of Google Pay, you used to see bank card details and recent transactions on the home page. But not only transaction details will be found in the new Google Pay app, but users will be able to check their daily expenses. In the new app, you will also get messaging tool along with digital payment. In the Google Pay app redesign app, the user will be able to track the people who do the most transactions. Also if you click on a contact, then all the old transaction details with it will be visible. It will appear in a chat click bubble. In this chat box you will get a payment option, where you will be able to see money request, bill.

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